Growing up in Miami after coming from Cuba, Gus Barreiro joined the Miami-Dade Community Based Care Alliance in 2015. He was an active board member representing The Children’s Trust, that dedicated his time, efforts, and incredible abilities to the board, ensuring the Children and Families of Miami-Dade County were best advocated for.

Gus was appointed as the Miami-Dade Community Based Care Alliance Board Chairman in 2017, where he led the community and stakeholders to identify and address system challenges and barriers that impact outcomes for children and families in Miami-Dade, providing resolutions. He was a great leader, community liaison, politician, friend, colleague, and most importantly a child advocate. It is with deep sadness and regret to note the passing of Gus Barreiro on August 16, 2019. His contributions, loyalty, compassion, fearlessness, and willingness to serve the community will forever be in our hearts and expressed throughtout the Child Welfare community. He wil be missed by friends, family, colleagues, The Miami-Dade Community Based Care Alliance, and all the many lives he’s touched throught the state of Florida.